Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

Properly maintained and cleaned carpet will certainly last twice as long. In this article, you will be able to learn effective strategies on how to keep your carpet look fresh, clean and new for years no matter what type of  carpet you have in your home.


Dirt is like a vast of little blade that can cut the fibers of your carpet. When you walk on a dirty carpet, you immediately grind sharp dirt elements against the yarn, which makes tiny nicks in your carpet fibers. When dirt is present in your carpet, it will eventually scratch the fibers of your carpet and can dull the sheen. This is the reason why areas that have high traffic appear much duller compared to the rest of surface of the carpet. Over time, dirt grinding wears away the fibers of your carpet too as it mats them down and causes them to stain more easily. In order to keep your carpet free from dirt, you can follow these highly effective tips.

Vacuum Regularly

In order to protect the surface of your carpet, vacuum high traffic and entrance areas of your carpet at least two times a week and the rest of the carpet area at least once a week. Bear in mind that oily soils will attract oily soils and only frequent vacuuming will help you in reducing the buildup of soil in your carpet.

Start With a Clean Filter or Bag

A dirt filter, dirt cup or dirty bag can actually cut the suction power of your vacuum in half. The major reasons vacuums that have no bag stop working is due to the fact that their filters are not changed often enough. If you are using a bagless vacuum cleaner, you should wash or replace your filters at least every three months. When your vacuum bags are three quarters full, it is the right time that you replace them.

Vacuum at an Appropriate Speed

In order to get out more dirt, try to vacuum slowly. You can also make one quick pass through low traffic areas as well as two slow passes over your carpet’s high traffic areas. As a matter of fact, two slow passes can effectively remove ground in dirt compared to several fast passes.

Utilize Walk-Off Mats

You can try using walk off mats inside and outside the room in order to keep dirt from reaching your carpet flooring. Placing coarse textured mats outside will actually help in removing soil. In addition to that, mats that are water absorbent can be placed inside in order to prevent moisture from reaching your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The most effective thing to do in order to clean your carpet more effectively and to retain its good condition through time is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. This is because they have the knowledge, experience, training and skills on how to do it in the most effective and efficient manner.


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