What is Carpet Grooming? How Can You Benefit From It?

Carpet grooming is basically an act of utilizing a carpet brush or a carpet rake in order to move the fiber of your carpet in a back and forth direction. Carpet grooming procedure resets the nap of the fiber back to its original condition, making carpet grooming process an essential thing to do for your carpet’s lifespan. When your carpet is groomed well following a deep professional cleaning by your chosen reputable carpet cleaning company such as Riverdale NY carpet cleaner, the dry time of your carpet will be sped up. A professional carpet cleaning service provider might also use a carpet rake or brush in order to loosen any deposits of soils during a cleaning procedure, or in order to agitate a particular cleaning agent that has been applied throughout the fibers of your carpet. Simply put, the process of grooming your carpet generally manipulates the lay or nap of the fibers of your carpet flooring.


Right now, you might be thinking of having your carpet groomed following a deep professional cleaning, but, how can you really benefit from it?

Benefits of Having Your Carpet Groomed Following a Deep Professional Cleaning

Grooming your carpet regularly can actually enhance and extend the look and lifespan of your carpet. When you use a carpet brush or rake on a regular basis, you are preventing the fibers of your carpet from matting down. Grooming your carpet in a regular manner can actually prevent or delay carpet wear and traffic patterns over time.

As a matter of fact, grooming your carpet requires more time and effort, and is more difficult to do that how you think it is. When grooming your carpet fibers is done before vacuuming, it can help loosen pet hairs and soils that result to a more thorough, efficient and effective carpet cleaning process. On the other hand, grooming the fibers of your carpet after vacuuming can help eliminate the lines or marks that have been left by the vacuum cleaner on the surface of your carpet.

Should You Use a Carpet Rake? Or a Carpet Brush?

Now that you know that the process of grooming your carpet is done using a carpet brush or a carpet rake, how would you know what particular grooming tools is best to use for your type of carpet? Here is a quick guide to help you decide.

A carpet brush is softer as well as loaded with dense bristles. It is commonly used for brushing the low pile nap of a carpet. On the other hand, a rake used for grooming your carpet has much fewer bristles yet they are firmer and much longer. A carpet rake is often used in grooming longer nap and shag style carpet. Both types of grooming tools can be bought online or from a local janitorial supply company near you. You can also ask from your preferred professional carpet cleaning company if they can provide you a high quality carpet grooming tool or do the process themselves after a deep professional carpet cleaning procedure.



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