How to Keep Your Dogs Happy

Having dogs can be quite a chore. It’s like taking care of a child. But it can be fun too. Dogs are life companions. And they should be treated as such, and not just to guard the house and left on their own most of the time. They require special attention and care just like a parent would do to his or her child.

Like children, dogs can be bored. And some situations aren’t favorable to them. Don’t just leave them whenever or neglect them because you are too busy. Well, we all can be very busy. But spending time for your dogs is essential. Crucial, in fact. Here are some ways to keep your furry companions happy and jolly. Doing so will positively affect not just their relationship with you but their health as well.

1. Go for an outdoor adventure or exercise

Dogs love the outdoors even if they’re not that active. It’s because the outdoors bring a new environment for them. Imagine yourself staying at home and not going out for a couple of weeks say 2 or 3. Wouldn’t you be bored? If you would then dogs feel the same. Take them out for a hike, a run, or even a simple walk will do. It will greatly help them physically as well.

2. Play games with them

Dogs love games. Play different ones with them every now and then. Hide some treats for them to find. This will enhance their sniffing abilities. Or, you be the one to hide and tell them to find you. Hide and seek is a funny game that the family will enjoy. You can also do the classic fetch game with them. It’s an old game but dogs love it nevertheless.

3. Prepare some treats for them

If you like being in the kitchen, then you might want to prepare some treat for dogs as well. It’s always reassuring if you know what goes into your pets’ food. Some treats are simple to make. You can even find a lot of recipes online. If you aren’t sure about the good and bad ingredients, you can always consult a veterinarian.

4. Wrap them in cuddles and hugs

You will both enjoy this, more so your dogs. It’s a good way to end a productive or even a non-productive day. Make it your relaxing time together. Cool off and unwind on the couch or on the bed and shower them with cuddles. They’ll feel so loved; they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

5. Take them for a dip

Not all dogs like to get wet. But if yours does, then take him or her on a swimming trip on the beach or lake. If you don’t often take them out for a swim or if it’s their first time, secure them with a life jacket. Swimming is good for dogs just like it is for humans. It can help prevent joint conditions and other health issues. Taking them swimming in the pool may not be the best idea because the chlorine in the pool is not good for them.

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