Effective Carpet Treatments for Pet Odor

If you have pets at home, you have surely had to deal with different carpet pet odor treatments sometimes in your life. In this article, you will learn some do it yourself pet odor treatments for your carpet before calling a professional carpet cleaning service provider. After that, we will go through more effective carpet pet odor treatments that professional and experienced carpet cleaning companies can offer. You can use these do it yourself pet odor treatments in case of simple cases but if the situation is hard to handle, it is best to ask the help of a professional carpet cleaning company such as Riverdalecarpetcleaner.com.


Before we start, it is important that you know how sticky the urine of your pet is. It is actually challenging for most professional carpet cleaning companies to eliminate. Therefore, you should be aware of anyone who claims that they can be able to eliminate the urine out of the surface of your carpet one hundred percent. Taken from an expert carpet cleaning service, that is a promise that simply cannot be kept. Luckily, the odor of your pet’s urine can be lessen or neutralized using the most appropriate treatments. The urine of your pet can actually travel to your carpet’s back portion, to the sub floor, to the padding, and even to its baseboards. To lessen its odor, you can try these do it yourself pet odor treatments, however, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company if you really want to make sure that your carpet stays clean and will not cause harm to you and your family’s health.

DIY Treatments for Pet Odor

There are a lot of do it yourself pet odor treatments out there that can be used for your carpet but the best would be baking soda, and vinegar. You can try to use a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar. Store it in a spray bottle and your good to go. You can use the mixture to clean up normal pet urine accidents. Simply spray the affected area on your carpet and then step on it with a clean white cotton towel or paper towels. What’s good about it is that the vinegar will not leave a residue in your carpet that can attract soil or other elements while it helps in treating the odor of your pet’s urine. You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of your carpet one hour before you vacuum your carpet. This is certainly one of those most effective pet odor treatments that you can follow.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Pet Odor Treatments

Professional carpet cleaning companies are experienced enough when it comes to treating pet odors in your carpet. If your pet has accidentally urinated in your carpet, you need to expect to pay an additional charge in order for it to be treated properly. The very reason is that the urine of your pet will not be removed easily with basic carpet alone. In fact, it will take different cleaning products in order to break it down so it can be stripped out from the fibers of your carpet.



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